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 Training Guide

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To begin your training, the best thing to do is acquire weights.
Your character cannot afford weights at this time, so asking a player will almost guarantee you the weights.
Inside the academy, in which you start your game, you will find three rooms.
The closest room to you is the Chuunin exam room, which will be covered farther along in the game.
The next room you will find is the Genin exam room, which you will be going to shortly.
Then, heading directly west from the Genin exam room is the academy training room. There you will find the meditation pads, weights, speed bags, and dummies named Logs. You will also find punching machines, which are a good source of money for your character.

For all of these methods, you will need to access the "Training" Tab.

Meditation Pad
The best place for you to start is on the meditation pad. Simply find the tab that says "Training"

Please press the 'Meditation Pad' button that you will find there. There is an alternate method to this.
Typing in 'Meditation-Pad' into the command bar at the bottom of your screen will also allow you to do the same thing.

To speed things along with the meditation, press the Run/Walk command in the Training tab, and the light blue 'aura' around you will become white.
The Meditation pad is the best way to increase your Health, and Chakra. At a lower level, you will need stop meditating on the pad, and rest constantly. 100k health and chakra is generally the best place to start your training.

Log Training
The most efficient method of training your Taijutsu up is through the use of log training.
You will find the option for "Log Train" in the Training tab.
A more efficient method is using macros. Check the Macro section for further detail

Weight Lifting
The most effective form of training one's Genjutsu if they cannot preform Genjutsu. In this case, a main clan Lee user.
In the training tab, you will find an option for "Lift".
This is no tthe most effective way of training Genjutsu, but it is one of the ways. Other methods will be covered in Jutsu Training.

Speed Bags
The best way to train up one's Ninjutsu is by using the Speed Bags.
You will find the option for 'Speed Bag' in the Training tab.
A more efficient method is using macros. Check the macro section for further detail.

Rank Caps
Each Rank has a max point in which your stats can go. More will be explained in the Rank section.
Academy Student - 250
Genin - 500
Chuunin - 750
Jounin - 1000
ANBU - 1250
ANBU Captain - 1500
Hunter - 1750
Missing - 2000
Sannin - 2000
AKAT(both members and leader) - 2000
SO(both members and leader) - 2000
Sage - 2500
Kage - 2500

Jutsu Training
There are methods of training in which Jutsu work much better than the equipment in the Academy.
Shushin no Jutsu
This jutsu allows the user to go to a selected target. It is recommended to be used for Genjutsu training. This jutsu can be acquired by using Kawarimi 100 times, and using the Ox sign twice and then executing.
Kawarimi no Jutsu
This jutsu, required for Shushin, allows the user to temporarily become invisible, and replace themself with a log. It is a good source of Genjutsu training.
Bunshin no Jutsu
Initially, you are able to create two clones of yourself. Upon further use, you will be able to create four clones. This is a moderate source of Genjutsu training, but not recommended because of lag.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
After 200 uses of Bunshin no Jutsu, you can purchase the Kage Bunshin scroll from a Scroll Seller. When you read from the scroll, you will learn Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. This is a moderate way to increase your Ninjutsu, but like Bunshins, it is not recommended because of lag issues.

Hand Signs
There are 12 hand signs within the game. Each representing an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. These hand signs are acquired by doing certain things for certain NPCs, or killing them depending on which NPC it is.
Tiger - The Tiger Hand Sign is acquired by talking to Naruto. He makes you deliver a note to Sakura. Naruto is located in Rain Village (Use the map for help). Sakura is located in Leaf Village's Hokage Mansion. Talk to Naruto once, make your way to Sakura, and talk to her twice. Then go back to Naruto in Rain Village and talk to him. You will get the Tiger Hand Sign.
Dog - The Dog Hand Sign is acquired by talking to Sakura. She will only give it to you if you return the letter to Naruto. In order to get this sign, you must first talk to Naruto in Rain, and then talk to Sakura twice. Return to Naruto and talk to him to gain the Tiger Sign, and then talk to Sakura again. She will then give you the Dog hand sign.
Dragon - The Dragon Hand Sign is acquired by talking to Sasuke in Grass village. He will ask you to get his Shuriken which are located in the Grass Village shop to the west of Sasuke's location. Pick them up and return to Sasuke. He will give you the Dragon hand sign.
Horse - The Horse Hand Sign is acquired by Rock Lee. When your taijutsu is capped at Genin level, make your way to Rock Village. Rock Lee will be on a small mountain to the north of the village. Climb the mountain and talk to him. He will ask you to get his weights. They are to the west of his mountain. Make your way down the mountain and pick up the weights. When you get them, go back to Rock Lee. He will give you the Horse Hand sign.
Ram - The Ram Hand sign is acquired from Neji in the Leaf Village. Simply follow the path east of the Academy and you will find his house. Talk to him. He will tell you to admit that you are weaker than him. Do so to gain the Ram hand sign.
Ox - The Ox Hand Sign is acquired from Kakashi in the Grass village. He will be standing next to a tree to the west of the Grass Kage mansion. Talk to him. He will ask you to climb his tree. Do so, and mark the tree with the Kunai at the end of the tree. When you have marked the tree, simply walk off the side and talk to Kakashi. He will give you the Ox hand sign.
Rat - The Rat Hand Sign is possibly the most troublesome to acquire. You gain it by talking to Jiraiya in Cloud Village. He will ask you if you have seen his dog. Tell him no. Go to the Snow country and search for his dog. When you find it, use the Look verb on it. Once you have determined it is Jiraiya's dog, go back to Jiraiya and tell him you have seen his dog. He will give you the Rat hand sign.
Boar - The Boar Hand Sign is acquired by talking to Gaara in Sand Village. He will ask you for some of your blood. Simply say yes and he will show you the Boar hand sign.
Monkey - The Monkey Hand Sign can be acquired in two ways - Both from Zabuza. The first way is by talking to Zabuza. He will ask you for his sword. Make your way to the Mist Village, and climb the mountain. Pick up his sword and return to him. The second way is by simply killing Zabuza. Either way will get you the Monkey hand sign.
Snake - The Snake Hand Sign is acquired from Shino. Shino can be found in the Rain Village. If you talk to him, he will ask you to get 10 bugs for him from his garden. Go outside and start collecting. You cannot see them. Open your Commands tab and click PickUp every time the verb comes up. There are only nine in the garden so you will have to wait for a world restore to grab the 10th bug. Once you have collected all 10, go back to Shino and talk to him to acquire the Snake hand sign.
Bird - The Bird hand sign can be acquired from Itachi. When Akatsuki is raiding a village, if you can kill him, do so. Otherwise to go the Sound Village. If you can get close enough to talk to him, he asks you for your headband. If you say no, he will teach you the bird hand sign. Killing Itachi or talking to him will get you the Bird hand sign.
Rabbit - The Rabbit hand sign can be acquired by defeating Dosu. This hand sign is only available to those Chuunin level or higher. You must beat Dosu in combat to be able to gain this hand sign.

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Training Guide
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